People rescued crying puppies, but the babies turned out not to be dogs at all

A few days ago, a group of people found a puppy crying under the barn. They thought its mother would return soon, but the expected return did not happen. Concerned, they carefully examined the baby and were stunned: it turned out to be a three-week-old fox cub, not a dog. Alarmed and not knowing how to help him, they went to the sanctuary for help.

The sanctuary staff immediately began caring for the fox cub in an effort to restore his health and well-being. They noticed that the fox looked emaciated and dehydrated, and it broke their hearts to hear him cry for his lost family.

A few nights after the rescue of the fox, Dr. Vasilakis of the veterinary organization came to the reserve to examine and evaluate the baby fox. Suddenly, at that time, another fox cub was brought to the reserve, which was almost identical to the first one. The experienced staff immediately saw the difference between the two: one was a gray fox and the other a red fox. They differed only in the color of the tail tip — the red fox’s tail was white.

The gray baby fox felt better, as he did not look abandoned like his brother. On this basis, the wildlife park staff decided to search for his family and return him back to his mother. As for the red fox, he will be found a new caring family who will provide him with support and care, just as his own mother did.

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