People threw their ginger cat out of the ninth floor window

A red cat was thrown out of the window of the ninth floor, along with things. The pet hit the ground and ran into the open basement window in a state of shock. A local resident witnessed the incident, who rushed to help the animal and reported the incident to an animal shelter. The volunteer immediately went to the place and went down with the girl to the basement. Having passed it almost to the very end, in the corner they found a cat with a broken muzzle, which could only meow plaintively.

The poor cat was urgently taken to the clinic. He had serious problems: a lot of fractures, including the jaw and front paws, displacement of organs, bruises, swelling…But there was still hope that ginger would pull through.

The red cat was given the nickname Sunny. A long and difficult period began both for the patient and for everyone who was worried about his fate. Operations, ivs, overexposure, worries and a foggy future…The rescued man himself endured all the procedures with fortitude and turned out to be a real fighter.

It soon became clear that Sunny needed a complicated operation.

It is difficult to describe how many operations, anesthesia, injections and examinations Sun went through in 3 months after his rescue from the basement. Unfortunately, it was not possible to bring to justice the «people» who did this to the cat. But the main thing is that thanks to Anna’s efforts and the donations of hundreds of caring people, it turned out to save the life of an ordinary red cat, who had to suffer before finding his happiness.

This story is a clear example of the fact that you should never pass by someone else’s trouble, no matter how neglected and hopeless it may seem. The cat survived and became a domestic cat only thanks to the collective efforts of people who took him to doctors, looked for donors, donated money, took care of overexposure and sat with him in clinics. But now he gives happiness to his beloved owners, and they respond to him in the same way!

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