Perhaps this is the most well-mannered cat in the world. He doesn’t wake up his daddy, he just waits for him to wake up!

It turns out that in the world of cats there are very well-mannered individuals. We are used to the fact that cats get everything they want. All they have to do is meow loudly and look at you with contempt.

It doesn’t matter if you’re watching a show, brushing your teeth, or sleeping. But our hero today is able to surprise you. Just watch him in the morning, dutifully waiting for his master to wake up.

Bubbles the cat and his owner are practically inseparable. So when it’s time to get up in the morning — and dad is still in bed —the domestic longhair sits and stares, waiting patiently for playtime. This might be the cutest alarm clock ever!

The man’s wife walked in on the cat trying to wake up dad and caught the adorable moment on camera. In the video, the loving cat patiently waits for dad to wake up. But after a while, he appears to pout and meow. Why isn’t daddy awake? Then Bubbles turns around and makes a heartbreaking little meow.

Finally, Bubbles is ready to give up and turns to mom for help. She tells him, «I love you.» The cat’s response will melt your heart. What a sweet cat.

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