Pet store replaces all its animals with rescue pets and customers fall in love

Animal shelters in Brazil are underfunded and overcrowded, and many families automatically bypass shelter pets — choosing to purchase a pricey puppy rather than adopt a free rescue.

One Brazilian rescue organization set out to change this: Quatro Patinhas, or «Four Paws,» secretly stocked a pet shop with rescue animals.

Зоомагазин заменяет всех своих животных домашними животными, и покупатели влюбляются

They wanted to see what would happen if they placed pets from the shelter instead of regular animals.

Often  when people decide they want a dog or a new pet they go straight to the pet store or a breeder. There is a common misconception that rescue pets are somewhat of ‘misfit’ pets. They are thought of as mutts, unhealthy or misbehaved. But what many don’t know is that there are just a lot of perfectly precious pets with no issues at all who just need a forever family.

Зоомагазин заменяет всех своих животных домашними животными, и покупатели влюбляются.0

So, in order to help the rescued local animals and see the reaction of people, this store decided to replace all pets for sale with rescued animals that will be distributed for free!

Then they set up hidden cameras to catch families’ reactions when they found out that the sweet puppies and kittens were actually shelter pets … and that it cost nothing to adopt them.

Watch the reactions of the customers as they fall in love with these furry little friends.

The families in the video learn a priceless lesson when they realize that shelter pets are just as special and deserving of love as any other animals.

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