Phoebe, a dog given to an abusive family, gets help from caring children

Phoebe was given to a supposedly nice house for free. Unfortunately, the house that was found for her was not very good.

Phoebe’s life with her new owner in De Lawrence, South Africa, was filled with neglect and cruelty. The poor dog was left chained to a short rope outside in the scorching heat.

She didn’t have enough food and water. And her rope wasn’t long enough for her to even walk.

Life seemed pretty bleak. And it is unclear how long Phoebe would have lived in such conditions if help had not come to her by that time.
Fortunately, some local children knew about Phoebe and her life. They knew it was wrong and turned to animal rescue specialists for help.

This relief organization was able to come and save Phoebe. They took her off the short leash and said it was «the shortest chain we’ve ever seen.»

Phoebe seemed grateful for the help and was pleased with the rescuers. They promised to find her a good home, which they did.

Phoebe found a loving home with her mom. And she also has a brother- dog named Bubbles and a cat with whom she lives!

They like to play and run outside and around the house. It seems Phoebe’s life couldn’t be better. And we are so glad that she got the help she needed.

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