Photos where the world really cries out for help

We tell each other stories about global warming and snowfall in the Sahara as anecdotes, and we consider overpopulation scares to be myths. Photos of lakes with pink water seem unreal to us, and we don’t hesitate to blame it on photoshop. But what is really behind these pictures?

We have prepared the most unusual photos from different corners of the planet, which show how much has changed on it in recent years.

A magical landscape or the consequences of the abnormal heat wave?

The salt lake at Westgate Parks in Australia is increasingly striking locals and tourists alike. Many come here in pursuit of colorful photos. In fact, the lake’s color signals climate change. It is turning pink due to high salt content, abnormal heat and lack of rainfall.

Snow in the desert is no longer a fairy tale

The Sahara Desert is one of the warmest and driest places on the planet. It would seem that under the influence of global warming it should only get hotter here. But contrary to common sense, this winter it snowed in the Sahara.

The locals were surprised to see sand dunes covered with snow. However, they have to get used to climate change, because similar things happened last year. Before that, snow had not been seen in the Sahara for almost 40 years.

A funny picture of a seahorse? Actually an environmental disaster

It seems as if the seahorse wants to pull the cotton swab away and clean up the ocean. It’s actually clinging to it to drift with the current. Under normal conditions, seahorses cling to algae, not plastic debris.

National Geographic has launched a massive «Planet or Plastic?» campaign. Its goal is to demonstrate how destructive uncontrolled waste disposal is to wildlife. This photo is part of the project.

Pretty picture or prison?

Not even the most spacious enclosure can compare to freedom. The global public is increasingly calling for a preference for safari parks, where animals are in their natural habitat.

A whale’s touching interaction with humans or a death cry for help?

The photo shows not a display of tenderness, but desperate attempts to save the animal.
At the end of May in Thailand, a whale beached and swam erratically, attracting attention. Volunteers tried to alleviate its suffering, but the whale died after 3 agonizing days. It turned out that it had more than 80 plastic bags in its stomach.

An unusual photo that resembles photoshop, but it’s not photoshop

A water park is the most suitable entertainment in the heat. But in some cities, it is too much in demand. This pool has even been nicknamed the Dead Sea of China. In summer, up to 10 thousand people can take a breath here at the same time. And they do not neglect this opportunity.

In addition, the pool has waves, and it looks quite unusual, and the main question is: where is the water?

The bizarre pattern that resembles tiers of rice paddies is actually a gaping hole where there were once forests

One of the oldest tropical forests on the planet is located on the Malaysian island of Borneo. It once covered the entire island, but today only 10% of its area remains. The trees were illegally cut down by local companies.

The area used to be inhabited by the Asian Penan tribe. In the dialect of these people there were more than 1,500 words used to name the trees. Today, their culture is in decline due to vandalism by logging companies.

The mysterious fog is not a fog at all, but a smog that makes it hard to breathe

Just open the window and it becomes clear that this is not the freshness of an early Parisian morning.

Due to the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere, the air becomes unfit for humans and animals, especially in the heat of summer.

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