Powerful photos that scientists can’t explain

When cameras were invented, people probably thought they would no longer have to argue about what they were looking at. After all, the image captures exactly what is happening in front of the photographer — what is there to guess? However, despite these logical assumptions, some pictures simply have no explanation. These images have existed for decades without explanation, and even now we are still trying to understand them. As a result, there have been many conspiracies surrounding these pictures.

Lights on Mars.

This mysterious photo looks like it was taken in the middle of a desert, but it is actually a photo of the Curiosity rover sent by NASA to Mars. There seems to be light radiating from the other side of the valley, but no one knows where it came from.

Mars is thought to be uninhabited, so what could produce this level of light? The images were sent back to Earth from the space rover, but instead of sharing meaningful information, more questions arose. Is there life on Mars after all?

Another monster lurks in Australia’s waters

Although Australia is full of snakes, spiders and mysterious insects on land, its waters are not much safer. Some brave people took this picture off the coast of Australia before fleeing because they had no idea what kind of monster it was.

Taken in 1964 in Queensland, Australia. French photographer Robert Serrec photographed a huge snake floating in the water. There is no explanation as to how it got here or what it really was, but it resembles an eel, which can reach up to 24 meters in length.

Is it Bigfoot?

Ever since someone spotted a monkey-like figure walking through the woods, the forest man has been the target of many conspiracy theory proponents. This particular photo was taken in Big Otter, West Virginia, and it shows the same creature returning to the woods.

Although it is difficult to see from this distance, some people think it is sufficient proof that Bigfoot actually exists. Others think it’s just a person or a shadow, but there’s no way to know for sure. We assume that the hunt for the woodland man continues.

Hessdalen lights in Norway

Norway is known for its mysterious lights illuminating the sky, and it is one of the best places to see the northern lights. However, there is one light phenomenon that most people can’t explain. The Hessdalen lights are another set of mysterious lights in the Scandinavian sky.

The Hessdalen lights appear about 20 times a year, but unlike the northern lights, scientists have not been able to explain why they appear. The lights are another natural phenomenon that we may never understand.

The healing touch

This woman was sitting in church praying when someone took her picture. She was in deep thoughtfulness and didn’t even notice that someone was sitting behind her. Only when the man developed the photograph did they notice the ghostly figure behind her.

When they showed the image to the priest in church, they were even more confused. The priest told them it was the ghost of a healer who was known to frequent the church.

Grandpa came to say hello

Without any context, this seems like a relatively normal image of a woman and someone who happened to enter the frame. The woman had been a widow for 13 years when this picture was taken, and the figure standing behind her turned out to be her dead husband.

She was the only one in the picture when it was taken; however, when they developed the picture, they realized that it showed the ghost of her late husband. It was as if he wanted to be there to make sure she was all right and protected.

It’s a bird…It’s a plane…No…It’s a UFO?

In the ’40s and ’50s, many people were convinced that there were aliens ready to invade our planet. Although this was mostly science fiction, the image caused a media storm and conspiracies about life from different planets invading Earth.

This photo was published in a Los Angeles newspaper and appeared to depict spotlights focused on a single object in the sky. Although some people think it is just a weather balloon, others are convinced that the government has caught a UFO.

Man who encountered UFOs

People have claimed to have encountered UFOs for years, but very few have presented any real evidence. Only when Stefan Michalak presented evidence that could not be ignored did people begin to really listen.

It is reported that Michalak was left with these strange marks on his abdomen after a UFO encounter at Falcon Lake in 1967. When he was examined at the hospital, doctors realized that they were burns arranged in a peculiar pattern, but no one knew how or why they appeared.

Beware of the astronaut behind you

At first glance, this looks like a normal picture of a child, but if you look closely, it looks like someone in a spacesuit is standing behind her. Did the astronaut get lost on his way to the spaceship, or was someone messing with this child?

The girl’s father took the picture and was sure no one was around when he took it. However, when he developed the film, he noticed that there was some kind of space traveler behind her. The image became known as the Solway-Firth astronaut.

The Lady of the lighthouse

Lighthouses tend to evoke a bit of a creepy feeling because there always seems to be a story about who died there. This lighthouse, for example, is perplexing to people because they swear they see a girl standing on a ledge.

It turns out that these people didn’t scream ghost because someone took a picture of the lighthouse, which shows the figure of a woman. No one knows why she is here or who she is, but most people think she is a ghost inhabiting the lighthouse.

Don’t look back

If you’re easily frightened, this photo can give you nightmares. Behind these three boys you can see three soaring orbs in the darkness and a tall, mysterious figure to the left. These people don’t pay attention to what’s behind them, but it’s probably better that way.

When they saw the picture, they probably never went back to the place for fear that the figure would attack them.

The mystery of the man who travels in time

The man in the sunglasses seems to be from a different era than his surroundings. He is the only one wearing sunglasses, and he has a small handheld camera, which is not appropriate for those times.

He’s also wearing a t-shirt with a print that only came into fashion years later. Some think this is the time traveler at the opening of the South Forks Bridge in Gold Bridge, British Columbia. The man next to him was using a typical camera for the time, and the people around him don’t seem to be fixated on this mystery man.

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