Rare footage: an owl swims through the Strait

Admiring the scenery of Lake Powell, tourists noticed an unusual phenomenon: an owl that swam breaststroke. What was that?

Artificial Lake Powell on the Colorado River, on the border of Utah and Arizona, attracts tourists with its incredibly picturesque landscape. The coastline is cut by hundreds of large and small canyons, creating an amazing maze. And sheer red-orange walls rise out of the water, crowned with «towers» and «spires».

American photographer Derrick Zuk, while shooting in these places, witnessed the unusual behavior of an owl. She was sailing through a narrow strait. Moreover, the swimming style was very similar to breaststroke.Zuk traced the path of the bird to the moment when it came to land. Her wings looked unusually heavy.

На редких изображениях сова "плывет" в каньоне, спасая свою жизнь.

This is not surprising, scientists explain. Unlike many other birds, the feathers of representatives of the owl family do not have water-repellent properties. However, in exceptional cases, you can meet an owl in the water.

На редких изображениях сова "плывет" в каньоне, спасая свою жизнь.

Most often this happens in case of danger and the need to hide from a predator. But the owl on Lake Powell was swimming for a different reason. According to ornithologist Geoff LeBaron, this individual is very young, having only recently left its nest. And chicks are characterized by an active exploration of the world around them and their capabilities. The specialist also determined the species of the «swimmer»: this is the Virginia owl (Bubo virginianus).

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