Rescued aggressive dog, became a gentle and affectionate pet

The railroad workers, while making their rounds of the track, found a Sharpey dog on the tracks. They tried to chase the dog away, but it stubbornly returned to its formerly unsafe The dog kept returning to its former, unsafe place and could fall under the train at any moment.

The dog behaved aggressively and did not respond to the food offered to him. When rescuers arrived, they were able to put the dog into a cage and take it to the animal shelter.

The dog endured stress. It was only when the shelter’s medical worker, Lisa, petted him the dog calmed down and pressed himself against the girl, as if seeking her protection. The Shar Pei was named Jack.

After a physical examination, the dog was found to have a broken hip. And it was causing the dog pain. He also had eye and ear infections, which made the Shar-Pei nervous and easily excitable. The treatment was long. But after the Shar-Pei started to feel better and his pain was gone, his aggression started to go away as well.

The dog became kind and affectionate. Every day he waited patiently for Lisa to come. Not only did she treat him, but she also brought him treats and and stroked him. Soon Lisa took the Shar Pei into her home and became his owner.

Lisa’s kindness, care and love for her pet made Jack the Shar-Pei happy.

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