Rescued baby elephant enjoying his first bath

This is the adorable moment when the rescued baby elephant takes her first bath. Now this sweet baby just can’t get enough of the fun in the pool, and people can’t get enough of her!

Although she looks happier than ever, Chaba’s life wasn’t always like this. The tiny elephant was born in captivity. Her playground was just a small concrete box in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Like many other elephants, the cub’s mother, BoonMa, was forced to put on a show to entertain people. A terrible fate that would have likely befallen Chaba, too, if not for the kind volunteers of the Elephant Rescue Foundation.

After an enormous effort, these selfless people managed to save Chaba and her mother. They then took them both to Elephant Nature Park, a rehabilitation center in northern Thailand.

«When our team found out about Chaba and her mom BoonMa, we tried our best to help them,» explained Ry Emmerson, project director for the Save Elephant Foundation.

«We found them in a little concrete pen. It was immediately clear to us that they were both in poor health and needed urgent intervention.»

Now the mother-daughter duo finally has a chance at a well-deserved quiet life. The cute baby elephant never misses an opportunity to experience new adventures at the rescue center. By far the best experience for her at the Elephant Rescue Foundation was taking a bath, her very first bath. It’s a habit she makes use of every time she gets the chance.

«Chaba is a real water baby!» said Emmerson. «She loved splashing around in the water and then running to her mom to soothe her. Now she loves to play in the pool with her basketball while her mom enjoys some yummy fruit treats.»

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