Rescued dog runs to meet his human father’s truck every day after work

This adorable rescued dog runs towards his human father every day when he comes home after a long day at work.

Earlier this year, the man was at one of the coal mines he visits for work. There he saw an adorable dog who seemed lonely. It became clear to him that the cute dog had no home and no family to take care of her. The man was completely fascinated by the friendly and gentle nature of the dog.

Sarah, the man’s wife told :

«Someone left her at the mine. Every time my husband came to this mine, the dog would run up to him and wag her tail cheerfully. The rescued dog always runs after her father’s truck.»

During one of his visits to this mine, Sarah’s husband finally decided to bring home a dog to take care of her and give her the home this sweet doggie had dreamed of. She was already with her new family and was named Sadie Kate.
Although her dream of finding a loving home has finally come true, there is something else she looks forward to day after day. And that is her father, who comes home from work at the end of every day.

There is no doubt that this is the best time of every day for Sadie.

Sarah says:

«I was working from home when I noticed Sadie just looking outside, waiting for my husband. That’s when I thought how sweet she was. But I couldn’t imagine that she would keep doing this every day.»

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