Rescued pregnant dog gives birth to «little cows»

When Rosie, a female Golden Retriever, came into the hands of Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue, a volunteer organization dedicated to rescuing and finding new homes for the breed, she was very pregnant. The volunteers were glad they found a cute female Golden Retriever mix who would soon need their help.

Cathy and John Black, good-natured dog lovers, took Rosie into their home, waiting for the big day.

Since the couple began taking in dogs, Kathy and John have taken care of more than 20 animals.

This time they were looking forward to Rosie’s puppies being born.

The couple was expecting a large number of babies, as Rosie’s belly was very large. But they had no idea what would happen when Rosie went into labor. They had never seen anything like it!

Rosie gave birth to four beautiful healthy puppies, but they didn’t look like their mother.

«Not exactly what we expected to happen. Our adopted golden retriever mix dog gave birth yesterday. Tiny cows!», Katie wrote on Reddit.

Turns out the golden retriever pups weren’t golden as expected. They looked more like little cows!

The puppies were white in color with black or brown spots.

Everyone who met these puppies said it was the strangest thing they had ever seen. But Cathy and John were not confused.

«She’s a very proud mom,» Kathy says.

Because the pups looked like a small herd of tiny cattle, Kathy and John decided to give the pups classic cow names: Daisy, Betsy, Clarabelle and Moo.

Although they don’t know who the babies’ father is, Kathy and John are sure he is not a golden retriever.

Cathy and John are currently helping Rosie take care of the puppies. And when they are older, they and Rosie will start looking for new owners.

Meanwhile, Kathy and John are having fun with the puppies.

The fact that a dog has puppies whose appearance differs greatly from their mother is not uncommon. Mixtures of different breeds often result in an interesting combination of characteristics and coloration.

«If we talk about dogs without pedigree, mixtures of different breeds, or animals bred by deliberate crossing of two breeds or their descendants, such as Labradoodle and Cockapoo, in such cases, within one litter, different variations in color and appearance of animals are possible,» writes «Pets4Homes».

So, the mystery is solved!

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