Rescuers helped a stray dog who had small puppies.

A stray dog, a black pit bull, gave birth alone and was helpless on the street.

Stephanie noticed her when she was crossing the street, clutching one of her puppies in her mouth.
The poor dog obviously wanted someone to help her, but didn’t know how to do it.

Stephanie quickly called the rescuers and explained the situation to them

The team arrived where the dog was hiding. It was near Stephanie’s house.
The team found a stray dog and her puppies under a bush near the wall. She wrapped herself around her newborn puppies, showing her back to the rescuers.

The young mother was scared and didn’t seem to trust people who really wanted to help her.

She growled whenever someone tried to get close. A good mother was willing to do anything to protect her babies.
Rescuers worked very carefully, and soon they managed to put the dog on a leash.

They continued to talk to her calmly while all the puppies were transferred to boxes.Rescuers went to the local veterinarian and left a young mother and her 6 puppies there.

It was a safe and clean place where kind people took care of them.

The team members promised Stephanie to keep in touch with her.

The young mother seemed still afraid. She stopped being hostile as soon as the rescuers gave her a warm, comfortable towel on which she could sleep with her puppies.

Now her reaction changed, because she understood that these people only wanted to help her.
She became calm and friendly.

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