San Francisco turned into Batman City for a boy with leukemia

Twelve thousand city residents fulfilled the dream of five-year-old Miles Scott.

All these people took part in a grand show in downtown San Francisco that transformed it into Gotham City – the city of Batman fighting villains and restoring justice.

The show was organized by Make a Wish, a charity foundation dedicated to granting the wishes of terminally ill children. The fact is that Miles Scott has leukemia. He has been under treatment for several years and is now in remission.

The alarm sounded early in the morning. The police commissioner reported: “The city needs a hero.” And Batman rushed to the rescue. For a few hours, San Francisco was transformed into Gotham City, the fictional city from the Bat-Man comics. All for a boy’s dream. Five-year-old Miles is battling a serious illness, leukemia. He gets a unique chance to prove himself in the fight against crime, albeit a fictional one.

According to the child’s parents, more than anything in the world he wanted to become an assistant to a real superhero. A charitable foundation together with the mayor’s office took on the task of fulfilling his wishes, organizing the largest theatrical transformation in the history of San Francisco.

The program includes a ride in a real Batman car, rescuing a girl who gets stuck on a cable car, and, of course, a confrontation with the insidious villains of criminal Gotham: Penguin, who hid the stolen symbol of the baseball team on the roof and sly provocateur Ridler, whom Batman Jr. personally sent to jail.

The villains are captured, the winner applauded by thousands of fans – a recognition worthy of true comic book legends. The name of the new savior is in the headlines, on the streets, and even in the sky over San Francisco.

This play is not the only gift for a young Batman fan. His comic book collection included picture magazines signed by the authors. Twelve thousand people took part in the action for Miles. And the boy’s parents got the happiest news – their son is in remission, the disease has receded.

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