Schoolgirl made her own royal prom dress. All eyes were on her!

Schoolgirl made her own royal prom dress — All eyes were on her!

This girl was only 17 years old. Her graduation party was coming up. On this night, everyone wants to impress everyone with their gorgeous outfit. And this schoolgirl decided that she would be the prettiest.

She decided to create the dress of her dreams with her own hands. At first she created a cardboard likeness of her dress. Then the work went faster.

She chose green material, but decided to do her own drawing on it after she finished sewing.

Her mother helped her with everything. When they made the dress, the long and painstaking work on the flowers began.

Since the girl drew well, she got everything done quickly and by the end of the fourth day everything was ready.

When the girl in her dress showed up at the prom, everyone immediately turned around to look at her. She was gorgeous!

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