Several years after the dog went missing, she met her owner again

It seems to me that this touching story will not leave anyone indifferent. Imagine that after your dog goes missing, a few years later you find her again. This reunion is very touching.

The thing is, when volunteers found a dog on the street that was emaciated, they decided to circulate its pictures to find a potential adopter. Not surprisingly, no one wanted to take care of the dog, who was suffering from many diseases and was emaciated. They were already losing all hope.


Two days later, however, a woman approached them. She said it looked just like her dog who had gone missing several years ago. Of course the shelter staff doubted this. But when they arranged to meet them, all doubts were dispelled. The dog ran and hugged her owner. This reunion was indeed touching and it was impossible to watch without tears.

This touching story proves once again that you should never lose faith in miracles. We are very happy that this dog has been reunited with her owner and now she will live in warmth and comfort.
Every story about homeless animals proves to us that all of them are worthy of love and attention, regardless of their breed or species.

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