She turned into a “cat-woman” and regrets it today. What did 82-year-old Jocelyn Wildenstein look like before plastic surgery?

Stars, whose professions require them to look young and beautiful, are among the first to embrace cosmetic surgery. Some even become obsessed with the idea, losing all sense of proportion.

High-profile scandals, high-profile romances, stunning looks-that’s what we know about billionaire Jocelyn Wildenstein. She spent a fortune on her transformation, and once she started surgery, she couldn’t stop.

The socialite literally transformed herself into a catwoman by mutilating her face. She had two good reasons for starting her transformation journey: firstly, she was beginning to lose her youth and beauty, and secondly, one of her ex-husbands was a cat lover.

When she married billionaire Alec Wildenstein, she bathed in luxury. But as a rule, no one gets younger with age. So, to resemble her husband who, thanks to plastic surgery, managed to preserve his toned appearance, Jocelyn began actively using “beauty injections”.

The result: a series of facelifts, various injections to the cheekbones, nose, lips, forehead, implants, eye contour modifications, breast augmentation, chin, have disfigured her appearance and altered her facial expressions.

Interestingly, when Wildenstein decided to go under the knife for her husband’s sake, he saw his wife’s face after the operation, was frightened and left her for a beautiful, seductive young woman.

Today, the eccentric 81-year-old Jocelyn continues to wow the public with her looks, appearing in revealing outfits and regularly changing young companions every time she appears in public.

From recent photos, it’s clear that the elderly lady still regrets having spoiled her face for so many years. Indeed, by publishing her photos online, Jocelyn carefully retouches any imperfections in her appearance.

Of course, with the help of Photoshop, in an attempt to minimize the consequences, her face is sometimes transformed into a mask. And the work in the photo editor isn’t always perfect; most of the time her face is blurred in the photo, or her eyes and mouth are hard to make out.

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