Singing Elvis Presley is never easy. This Boy makes ‘The Voice Judges dance on stage’

On “The Voice,” Lissandro Formica made a dramatic entrance by belting out Elvis Presley’s “Too Much.” The judges were captivated by his commanding voice from the very beginning. In the first thirty seconds, they all turned their chairs in a row, their smiles expanding as they listened.

There was an electric buzz in the air as members of Lissandro’s family watched from the stands. Witnesses said they were so enthralled by the moment that they jumped up and down and cheered. Everyone was amazed with Lissandro’s professionalism as he had a serious and assured demeanor throughout the performance, despite the vibrant atmosphere.

The judges gave Lissandro high marks for his powerful singing and charisma onstage, and the crowd went wild at the end of the performance. His cool demeanor in high-pressure situations was encouraging for his future performance.

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