Smart dog collects plastic and other garbage

A smart dog started collecting garbage and got carried away with this activity. Now the dog is a source of inspiration for many people who are trying to help our planet.

Chipper, an 8-year-old dog, found himself in a suitable family with whom he shared a common interest in saving the planet.

Together with his owner Katie Pollack, the dog travels across the expanses of Arizona, collecting plastic and other polluting garbage.

Katie picked up Chipper from the shelter in 2011 and immediately noticed his interest in used plastic bottles. According to the girl, when he found one bottle, he immediately took it in his teeth and brought it to her. Katie stroked Chipper for this, thereby arousing his interest.

The animal itself attracted the hostess to garbage collection. And so a whole team was created to save our planet.
Katie and Chipper walk a lot in the fresh air, walking in the mountains and forests. And wherever they are, they always try to benefit the planet.

Chipper has already become a real star on social networks. His fans are happy to follow the dog’s life and are happy to meet him in real life.

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