So different. How the lives of eight twins unfolded 14 years later

In 2009, an unusual event took place: Nadya Suleman, a Californian Californian, became the mother of eight babies born at the same time, and finally overcome this ordeal. Nadya has been dubbed «the mother of eight» and «supermom», but her life has been punctuated by many difficult moments. It is important to note that before the birth of the eight Suleman had already raised six children, including twins. The reasons that the 33-year-old to undertake such extreme motherhood are difficult to understand to understand, especially as she had no partner.

Somehow, one of the doctors agreed to carry out an astonishing in vitro fertilization, during which twelve viable embryos were implanted in the uterus at once, instead of the two or three envisaged by medical protocols. Later, this courageous doctor lost his license, but Nadya became a Guinness Book record holder. Fact! The mystery of paternity remains unsolved. Nadya mentioned the name David Solomon, but those close to the family did not confirm this information.
Then a certain Dennis Bodine appeared, presenting himself as a donor, but Suleman accused him of lying.

Suleman had fallen on hard times: government support was insufficient, as were her resources. She received support from neighbors and acquaintances, and initially the family generated income by taking part in a reality show about their exceptional life. Nadya accepted all offers to take part in various projects, but as time went by, these opportunities became rarer.
Society’s perception of Suleman became ambiguous. It turned out that she had participated in explicit and dubious photo shoots, as well as dances in to support her family, or so she claimed. She was accused of spending money irrationally on her personal appearance instead of supporting her children, as well as raising her children inappropriately. The family home was auctioned off due to a million-dollar debt. Suleman went through periods of depression and neurosis, underwent rehabilitation and finally managed to restore his reputation.

According to sources in her hometown, the mother of this large family has obtained a medical degree and now works with autistic people, also helping women who have encountered difficulties in their lives to regain their balance. Today, Suleman’s eldest son is nineteen and her youngest is eight. From time to time, Nadya shares photos with her many children, and in all the images, girls and boys look happy. This suggests that the family situation is currently very positive, and that Nadya is managing her responsibilities as a mother admirably. What’s more, she manages to look after herself and stay in excellent physical shape.

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