Son grabs mom’s hand when her favorite song comes on, their dance is adorable!

One night, Louisiana native Lucy Stevens couldn’t sleep. She tossed and turned, but to no avail. So she got up, went downstairs, and started talking to her grown son, Lance, in the kitchen. Then it happened. Their song came on the radio.

Now what you have to realize is that these two — this mother and son — had danced to this song when Lance was a toddler, so dancing to the beat was not new to them. But this time there was a video camera on hand to capture all the love between mother and son as they danced.

It was Meghan Trainor’s song, «Dear Future Husband,» and as it played, they swirled into a dance. At one point Lucy says:

«This is what happens when you can’t sleep in Louisiana.»

Near the end, she says something funny to her son, so Lance falls to the floor laughing.

But he quickly gets up and dances with his mom again. Throughout the video there is laughter, fun and most importantly love. The incredible video of a son dancing with his mom has just gone viral.

Take a look at this incredible moment of motherhood in the video below! They are so good!


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