Started biting and scratching his hands: How a cat woke up its owner during a fire and saved the residents of the house

A cat named Puzik lived in the apartment with its owner. One night the pet seemed to have been switched: Puzik screamed, bit the man and made other attempts, trying to do everything possible to make the man wake up. The cat’s behavior was so unusual that the man woke up. The man immediately noticed that the whole room was filled with smoke and that a fire was going up around the television set.

The man managed to run out of the house and call the fire department. He also woke up his neighbors, but he was unable to catch and carry Puzyk outside.

Soon firefighters arrived. They managed to cope with the flames and found Puzik. By then, Puzik was in a corner of the apartment, shuddering because of prolonged inhalation of carbon monoxide.

The animal was taken outside and it took firefighters 20 minutes to help the cat. Soon the animal opened its eyes. The next day the man’s family took the pet to the vet. The doctor prescribed rehabilitation, but assured that the fluffy hero’s life was not in danger.

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