Stray cat miraculously survived after being hit by a bus and found a home forever

A four-year-old stray cat was hit by a bus and miraculously survived.

The cat was injured, but escaped when passers-by tried to help her.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Southridge Animal Center learned about the injured cat and spent more than two weeks searching for her. After posting on social networks, contacting local veterinarians and hanging posters, the injured cat was spotted 16 days later and rescued.

She was rushed to the vet, who immediately began treating her severe head injuries. The cat had a broken jaw, because of which she could not eat, so she was very weak and underweight. One of her eyes was damaged in the accident and had to be removed.

Southridge ‘s deputy manager Mona Jorgensen said: «It’s a miracle that she survived these terrible injuries, especially since it was difficult for her to eat. »
The staff named her Trudy in honor of Saint Gertrude, the patroness of cats.

For the next six months, the cheerful cat recovered and won the hearts of all employees. Although no one wanted Trudy to leave, it was time to find her a loving home forever.

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