Stray dogs took the cat under their care, contrary to natural laws

The cat’s morning was unenviable. For breakfast she was given a slice of pickled cucumber and a piece of dried bread. This is all that remained after the meal of its owner. The fact that there is another food, the animal did not suspect. The owner was proud that Millie was omnivorous. He told his fellow drinking companions that the cat was having a snack with him.

This man did not even think about the fact that such food is not suitable for a cat at all. Poor Millie was sleeping on a pile of dirty rags. Her «caring» owner did not even clean the cat tray. Millie was very sad, because such a life is hell for a cat. Sometimes she saw stray animals from the windows.

Also, Millie was very afraid of dogs that wandered in the yard and dispersed cats. In her yard, a pack of dogs daily put their orders in order.

Millie was very afraid of losing her home. But her fears were destined to come true. One day its owner came home very drunk. He poured out on the animal all the aggression and anger that was inside. Then he kicked the poor cat out of the door, shouting after her to learn to get food herself, and not sit on his neck.


While searching for a piece of bread, Millie found herself near garbage cans. The poor cat was so hungry that she didn’t even notice the pack of dogs that surrounded her. The kitty was scared. However, after the main dog from the pack approached her and sniffed, she turned to the others and started barking loudly, trying to say something in her dog language. The whole pack parted before the cat.

Surprisingly, life in the dog pack has become better for Millie than before. The negligent owner tried to bring the cat home, but she stayed with her pack, which became a family for her.

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