Stuck in the gap, the dog tried to get out on his own, and then began to cry plaintively for help

When an animal gets into trouble, it is very important that there are caring people who are ready to help him!

Once, residents of a small village noticed the sounds that were heard from an earthen structure covered with dense vegetation. It could be called something like a small slide with deep slits. A plaintive squeak was heard from one of them, which attracted the attention of kind-hearted people.

As it turned out later, a dog got there. Obviously, the kid was very curious and decided to look inside. He got in, but he couldn’t get out again. The baby got stuck and began desperately calling for help.

The dog, who was looking out of the niche, was very scared and at first just didn’t understand what they wanted from him. He began to resist, and attempts to pull him out were in vain. The volunteer began to stroke him, and then slowly pulled his paws in his direction. This did not lead to anything good: the dog moved away instead of freeing himself.

Fortunately, the man who saved him was not going to give up. He pulled the dog to him again and again, until finally he took it out and pulled it out! The frightened pretty face looked at the man with interest.

Soon they left for a shelter, where the dog was given water and then given food. The fluffy dog was eating the treat on both cheeks. And his merry eyes gleamed joyfully at the sight of the people who saved him!

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