Sweet dog pushes chair to sit by human buddy

Sometimes all a dog needs is to be near their best friend. They’re comforted just by sitting next to us.

Dogs are lovable, loyal animals who just want to hang out with their best human buddies.And luckily, most pet owners feel the same. They’ll happily spend as much time as they can with their beloved pup. Whether they’re sitting on the couch or playing at the park, dogs and their owners just want to be together.

However, there are times when we have to focus on other things

As much as we wish we could give our little buddies non-stop attention, occasionally, a job or daily life might come in the way. But for one dog, he wasn’t going to let something like “work” stop him from hanging with his human friend.

Mongrels are known to pick up the tricks we teach them. For example, sitting, talking and maybe even rolling over. In addition, there are those who amaze us with their actions.

The video below shows a man sitting at his desk in front of a computer screen.
It looks like he’s busy with some kind of surveillance work. So, most likely, he is not focused on the dog that wanders around the room. But that doesn’t mean that the dog had to just accept that his friend didn’t have time for him.…

But the dog has an idea – there’s a rolling desk chair nearby. The enterprising pooch manages to crawl under the desk and nudge it out just enough to take it for a ride.

It makes the guy’s head turn to watch. They both pause for a moment and lock eyes.

Using his front legs, the dog then begins wheeling the chair over to the desk.
When it’s in a perfect position, the only thing left to do is take a seat. Again, ignore me, I come to you.


Hilariously, the dog then hops up next to his friend, sits, and adorable wags his tail.

Once the dog accomplishes its mission, it seems pretty darn proud of itself and that tail starts wagging at about a million miles an hour. This pup is so pleased with itself!

Now, here’s where we really want this guy to pet the dog.

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