Sympathy for another dog became fatal: the dog saved the life of another dog by taking his master into the forest.

This incident, which occurred in Poland, will not leave anyone indifferent. The fact is that the real rescuer was a small terrier named Diego, who managed to come to the aid of a wounded Labrador in the forest.

The owner Diego Jerzy lives in the town of Karpacz. He takes his pet for a walk in the woods every day.

Usually the walk is always calm and unremarkable .

But not this time. During the walk, the dog felt something and began to drag its owner towards the forest. It took Jerzy a while to figure out what was going on.

The dog struggled, long and stubbornly continued trying to drag the owner into the forest, and in the end he gave in to the beast. Diego turned onto the path and headed straight for the thick of the forest.

And so, after a while, the dog stopped in front of an abandoned pond.

The animal was alive, but completely exhausted. Jerzy immediately called a rescue team.

After a while, the dog was taken to a veterinary clinic.

It turned out to be a Labrador named Gucho.For a month, the owners could not find him.

Presumably, Gucho was walking in the woods and fell into the septic tank, stepping on a shaky grate.

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