Tag in the ear, pain in the eyes: the dog was on the street after the death of the owner

Inna fell in love with this dog and took an active part in his fate. Now she is proud of herself: luck smiled at the kid because the kitten deserved it.

Once a small puppy named Max was picked up on the street by an adult man. They became great friends. Max did not let the man stay at home, pulled him on a walk several times a day. For affection was sweet in response, became a best friend and companion. Everything went so perfectly, but the death of the owner separated them. Heirs not too much honored his memory, they threw the dog out the door, that’s all business.

The dog could not believe that his blissful life was left behind. He constantly rubbed himself near the house, ran to people with a familiar smell. Relatives even took out a bone for him but did not take it home.

The poor dog could not live on the street, survived as best he could. Tried to pull something off, catch a bird, but is the little dog adapted for life in nature?

Street dog packs did not recognize Max, in some fight, they patted him, injured his paw.

Volunteers were told about Max too late. The wounds were in such a state that the paw had to be amputated. And then it was necessary to fatten the dog, which weighed half the norm.

People took him willingly – and each time instantly returned. After the third time, the volunteers again took Max back, without getting any explanation. They looked at each other: is he cursed, or what?

When Inna wanted to pick up the dog, the volunteers told her so: he is a problem dog, they are returning it. But we don’t know the reason.
Well, Inna immediately figured out what was the reason. The dog did not know how to behave at all. He was so glad to be home that he bounced on all surfaces, dropping objects to the floor. He jumped on the table, barked at the cage with parrots. Inna and her husband looked at each other, understood: they were facing noisy days.

And the dog was sweeping the territory in heaps and puddles, so the couple also thought: shouldn’t they take Max to a well-known address?

But Inna’s husband said: “What if it was a child? Would you also take him back to the hospital? What we got, we will bring up this.”

The couple sat down at the forums, signed up for training courses. And they constantly showed Max: they love him. They won’t quit.

Max loved walking with games and treats. He loved to return because the man gently washed him every time in warm water. And he talked to him constantly. So the dog was taught to wait for a walk.

The dog left the parrots alone too: every time he was distracted for something, and then the birds became his own. It was necessary to protect them.

They didn’t leave the dog alone at home, they took it with them everywhere: in a boat, in a car, and even in a backpack on a bicycle. Max has long become a decent respectable dog, he is even interested in politics. He was spotted at an animal rights picket.

The shelter must be proud of him.

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