The apple you choose will tell you something interesting about a person’s character

I’m sure many of you thought this would make no sense at all. After all, how can a chosen apple say anything about me? But you’d be surprised how close these descriptions are to the real thing. But you’d better try it and see for yourself. Shall we begin?

If you liked the first apple, then you are definitely a straightforward and honest person. Silence, lies — words that just make you feel uncomfortable! You genuinely tend to think of it as another form of betrayal, and you can’t stand it! You love to be yourself, you have the enviable ability to persevere through the ups and downs. Know how to appreciate the joy in the little things, trying to find even in the lousiest day to remember something nice. That’s why you like a simple firm apple, which is so pleasant to pick yourself from the tree.


You are a person playful, gambling, fearless and, most importantly, full of energy. You have so much of it that you can even charge everyone around you with it. The worst word for you is boredom! You are an adventurer since childhood. You never sit still. To seek, to discover, to develop, to live life to the fullest — that is the true value for you!


Everyone who knows you definitely falls under your charm. Although you don’t think so yourself. You’re an optimist, but you can also be surprisingly pessimistic. There is a certain inner energy that attracts people, you lure everyone who is on the same level with you. Usually people from a lower level find you uninteresting or even frightening. But you are a nature, though gentle, but with a steely rod.


You are the embodiment of reliability! You are a great friend, an enviable business partner, you will stand up for everyone you love. This phenomenal ability attracts people, but you accept in your life is not everyone. You are restrained, but if you get angry, you can wake up the Hulk in yourself. But, fortunately, you also know how to control yourself, so this happens very rarely.


You are not an adrenaline junkie, you are not a choleric with a nervous temperament. You are a complete person, or a person who is on the right path to self-sufficiency and wholeness. Your talent for seeing the world very differently from everyone else makes you a unique person. You love to turn every minute into a celebration. You are able to bring a sense of harmony to the lives of those around you. And that’s why you like this radiant apple so much!


You are a man of mad wit and, at the same time, perceptive. You have a lively mind and a tenacious reaction. You think on the fly. Maybe you are not too sociable, but in good company you can become very sociable and open. You are a very deep, ambiguous, creative person, constantly seeking to find meaning in everything that surrounds you.

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