The baby climbed into the jar and could not get out. Look what mama cat did


Every baby is a little fidgety and constantly invents various pranks to the delight of his parents. Dads and moms would not even think of what their little kids come up with. Innocent look and angelic face of babies accompanied by the deed all the time.


Kittens are also children, and not just children, but in a double measure! And this little devil is very interested in a three-liter jar. He studied it so diligently that he fell inside and could not get out by himself. That’s when, as with all young bullies, went “heavy artillery” – the crying and calling mom. Of course, mom immediately rushed, but how to get his favorite, she did not know – all her attempts have not been successful.
And yet, the mother cat found a simple and ingenious way to free the kitten. You can see how she did it in the video. And let anyone say that animals can’t think!

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