The bear could not save the cubs from the cold water. Fishermen came to the rescue

This unusual event happened in Karelia. When the cold weather comes, and lakes and rivers are frozen, the water becomes dangerous. Moreover, this applies not only to people, but also to animals. That is why, before the onset of severe frosts, the animals certainly intend to swim to the opposite shore.

Also, one day a bear with cubs arrived. Mom herself swam first, and the kids were behind. Soon they began to lag behind. Moreover, the current prevented them from swimming. The kids barely kept afloat. The mother has already swam to the shore. But she didn’t have the strength left to swim back and rescue three cubs who could really drown in the cold water.

Fortunately, fishermen were sailing by on a boat. Seeing this, they immediately assessed the situation and decided to help. The bear noticed that a boat with people swam up to her cubs, and became very worried. She began to growl, to walk from side to side. Experienced fishermen realized that the best thing is not to touch the cubs, because the mother can be unpredictable.

But it was impossible to do nothing either. Then people decided to use a fish net to put the cubs in the boat.

So the kids wouldn’t be scared. But it was difficult to accomplish. However, all together the fishermen managed to pull the kids out of the water.

And there was another big obstacle ahead — their mother. If people swam to the shore, she could attack them. Therefore, it was decided not to approach the shore, but to move along it.

People quickly dropped off the cubs one by one. Mom immediately rushed after them. She took them away and everyone immediately ran into the forest.

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