The blind dog was surgically restored to his sight: he is happy to see his family again

8-year-old Irish terrier Duffy lost his eyesight due to diabetes.

«My heart broke when I saw the dog I grew up with, who I consider a very good friend in this condition,» Benjamin said of Duffy on Reddit.

75% of dogs with diabetes eventually become blind. This is a rapidly developing disease, and a dog can go completely blind in a year.

Duffy went completely blind in five months.

«In about 3-5 months, he turned from a completely normal 8-year-old dog into a completely blind one,» Benjamin added.

Veterinarians used medications to control his diabetes. Then an eye operation was necessary. The operation cost $5,000. The Duffy family was more than happy to pay for it.

The operation was successful!

Duffy was so happy that he licked everyone in the room. He was happy to see his owner and his family again. His tail was wagging from side to side.

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