The boy collected $1,900 to buy a pony and burst into tears when his parents brought it to him

A seven-year-old boy from Queensland, a state in the northeast of Australia, became the hero of a sensational news release after he managed to save up money to buy a pony. And how happy he was when his parents finally brought him a new friend!

Sebastian Kent is very fond of animals, especially horses. For the first time he had a chance to ride on a local farm at the age of only 4 years. Sebastian immediately fell in love with these beautiful and noble animals. And when he got home, he decided to start collecting money to buy his own pony.


According to the 9News publication, in order to fulfill his dream, Sebastian decided to organize his own business. He opened a stand near his own house and started selling lemonade and other drinks from it. On a small stand was the inscription: «Sebastian and Co. — Cold drinks station».

In addition to lemonade, a casual passerby could buy strawberry-flavored iced tea, cold coffee and drinking water here. Later, Sebastian also included apple juice in the range of products offered. All bottles of drinks were supplied with a branded label with the image of the face of the founder of the company and were sold at a price of two Australian dollars. Sebastian was not limited only to sales from the stand and often offered his products to friends during informal events and meetings.

In two years, Sebastian managed to earn about 3,000 Australian dollars (equivalent to 1,900 US dollars) intended for the purchase of ponies. He managed to accumulate such a large sum not only due to his thriving business. He also received part of it in the form of cash gifts for his birthday and Christmas, as well as from tooth fairies — in exchange for teeth left under the pillow.

The Kents are very proud of Sebastian’s project. Like most other parents, they want to cultivate kindness and diligence in their child. Both of these qualities were very useful to Sebastian during his work, thanks to which he eventually managed to accumulate the required amount.

After that, his parents bought him the promised pony. Seeing the magnificent white animal for the first time, Sebastian could not restrain his feelings and burst into tears. The boy began to sob with joy, and his father immediately picked him up. After that, his parents asked him how he liked his new pony — his son shouted in response that the horse was just wonderful. Sebastian has already managed to make friends with his pony named Tumboy and willingly rides through the picturesque fields that stretch not far from the Kent house.

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