The boy decided to correct the unfair situation when old dogs remain in the shelter forever.

8-year-old Robie lived in fear and humiliation before meeting his new foster parents. He was beaten, bullied.His life seemed like hell. And it was only from Maria and Charles Gay that he first learned what love and affection are. And he also learned that he can endlessly sympathize with other beings.

For example, old dogs who have already lost all hope that someone will take them from the shelter to the family. And that’s exactly what the Gay couple has been doing all their lives. And this fact tied Robie even more to these people.

So this time. In the third year of Robie’s life in this family, they took an elderly dog Buffy from the shelter. And the boy was once again touched by the kindness of these people.

But one day, during a scheduled visit to the clinic, it turned out that the cleaning of dental stones and removal of a diseased tooth, required for medical reasons, could not be done. The dog will not tolerate either anesthesia or the use of lighter, albeit analgesic sedatives. Since her kidneys are hopelessly affected. And then everything will only get worse. And the most humane thing would be to help the dog to pass away without suffering.

Frustrated, Charles and Marie decided not to hide anything from their son. Marie followed the boy to school. Robie took the situation seriously, saying that he would like Buffy to be surrounded by loved ones in the last moments before leaving for the dog rainbow.

And so it happened. The boy hugged the dog and did not let her out of his arms until her heart stopped beating in a deep sleep. The woman shared online sim cards of these moments, where Robie hugs Buffy falling asleep and cries.

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