The cat came to the cafe to ask for people’s help, her babies were freezing in the cold

When we hear such situations, we are sure that it was definitely invented by someone, and this definitely could not happen. But not in this case. A cat visited one of the cafes. She scratched the windows, meowed and attracted attention in every possible way.

People thought she was cold and asking to go inside, or asking for food. But when they went outside and tried to feed her or take her in their arms, she began to struggle and clearly called them somewhere. People got interested and followed her. And soon they came across a cardboard box in the woods.

The box was tightly sealed with duct tape, and was lying far from the road, in the woods. The cat was clearly nervous, meowing and scratching the box. One of the men opened the box and found kittens inside. The mother immediately rushed to her newborn kittens, and began to feed them.


The young people took the box together with the whole family to their home. Now the rescued animals are looking for loving owners. And the cat turned out to be a real heroine who defended her children to the last.

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