The cat that was missing during the move found its way to its new home

For weeks, American Hayley Kutcher’s nine-year-old son had been cuddling a toy cat, praying for his real furry friend, named Oliver, to come home. The Kutcher family was packing to move from Bridgeport to Morgantown and suddenly found their cat gone.

After a long and very nervous search, the Kutchers made the decision to leave without their pet, but then return to keep looking.

«We knew we would have the opportunity and time to go to the old house and find Oliver. So we were still hopeful that we would get him back,» Haley Kutcher revealed.

The family returned every weekend but couldn’t find Oliver, which made his little owner especially sad.

«Every time we left without Oliver, my son cried. It was heartbreaking,» Haley recalls.

When the Kutcher couple finally sold their Bridgeport home, they lost hope of finding the cat and prepared for a difficult conversation with their son. But in vain.

Quite unexpectedly, a familiar redheaded face appeared in the yard of a new house in Morgantown.

«Oliver just walked up and looked down at us. I took him in my arms. And as soon as we went inside, I fell to my knees and cried. We sat cuddled up and the rest of the family and the animals gathered around us.» Haley Kutcher said.

Later, a microchip scan at the vet confirmed what the Kutcher family already knew: Oliver had found his way home. Even though the cat had to travel a long distance and starve for a long time, he remained just as sweet, friendly and loving. When Oliver returned, he was not frightened or embittered. The kitty looked contented and happy, but tired.

The cat is now safe in his new home. His family may never know how the crafty pet found it, but the Kutchers are so happy he did.

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