The cat tried to crawl away from the road with all her might, dragging her huge belly on the asphalt

The door of the veterinary hospital opened and people entered. They were holding a cat in their arms, which was wrapped in a jacket. People carefully put the cat on the table. The baby lay motionless, breathing heavily and staring at one point. It turned out that the cat was hit by a car. This happened in front of a young couple who were following her. A strong blow and now an unfortunate creature lies on the roadway. It’s hard to believe that after such a blow, the animal survived. This is real luck.

However, after the blow, the kitty gathered all her strength and crawled to the curb, while dragging a huge belly on the asphalt. The poor kitty had a panic attack. She tried to crawl as far away from the roadway as possible. People caught a kitty. In this they were helped by one of the employees of the fire department, in front of the building where the accident occurred.

At the reception at the clinic, it turned out that the main blow was taken by the cubs of the cat that were in her stomach. The expectant mother was soon due to give birth. Unfortunately, all the crumbs died. The cat was also injured. The victim was moved to the inpatient department and decided on an immediate operation. It was necessary to pull the dead kittens out of the belly, otherwise sepsis would have become inevitable.

The cat’s health condition was very difficult․ According to the veterinarians, she remained in the department. They repeatedly retook the blood test. Doctors feared that a transfusion would be required. Fortunately, everything went without it.
The cat spent two weeks in the inpatient department of the veterinary hospital. The animal was reluctant to let the doctors come to her, despite her poor health and serious condition. She wouldn’t let anyone touch her. The doctors had to stick a plaster on the paws of the kitty so that she would not dig her claws into her rescuers.

Sharp cat teeth were neutralized with the help of a “lampshade”. This was the only way it was possible to provide the cat with medical care. As soon as the place was vacated, the cat Vita (meaning of the name – life) came to us for recovery and overexposure.

Now the main thing for the health of the kitty is the observance of bed rest. She needs to improve nutrition, gain strength and learn to trust people again. Probably, in the past, Vitа was greatly offended by a person. She does not let any of the people near her, during the care procedures she has to be wrapped in a blanket.

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