The cat washes the floor and ridiculously swears at the sloppy owner

A cat is a pet, one of the most popular «companion animals». From a zoological point of view, a domestic cat is a mammal of the feline family of the predatory order.

Many people believe that the destiny of cats is to leave wool everywhere, ask for food at 6 in the morning and arrange nightmares. However, this is not the case at all!

Ходят тут, топчут: кот моет пол и смешно ругает хозяина-неряху (ВИДЕО)

The animal was very outraged that the man did not want to help him.

A resident of Japan filmed how his cat independently wipes the floor with a rag.

Fluffy cleans very carefully, gradually pushing the rag forward along the room, trying to make the floor perfectly clean.

Кот моет пол и ругается на неряшливого хозяина » Клопик.КоМ

At the same time, the hardworking cat «shouts» at the owner to stop idling and join the cleaning. But the man is not in a hurry to help. Therefore, the indignant animal begins to meow loudly.

Котик делает уборку, моет пол и смешно ругается на неряшливого хозяина

Subscribers appreciated the cat’s work and left a lot of comments under the funny video:

«Here, well done! What a household cat!», «also swears and grumbles that they walk here, trample, do not wipe their feet…», «What a cute cat. He swears and groans with displeasure, and in the end he looks so sternly at the shelves, as if he really is going to disassemble them.».

Watch a video about a funny cat:

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