The cat who watches a horror movie

Many cat and dog owners boast that their pets understand everything. This fact can be recognized if the animal lives a long time with a person: it gets used to the words of the owner, gets accustomed to many rules. But this cat breaks all patterns!

A cat was shown the famous Alfred Hitchcock movie «Psycho» and his reaction was filmed.

The furry viewer did not deceive expectations, giving off the full range of horror on his whiskered face.

It seems as if he understands everything that is happening on the screen. The effect of immersion into what is happening is evident.

That’s the kind of viewer any director would like to see: a cat completely captivated by a horror movie! Perhaps not all people watch television so attentively.

According to the owner, the cat likes to watch the randomly moving objects on the screen, which behave strangely and make a lot of mysterious loud noises.

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