The chains on the little dog weighed more than he did. The baby was crying and calling for help

A dog named Enli was sitting on the street near the house. He was chained with heavy chains. The weight of the shackles exaggerated the mass of the poor dog. At night, the baby slept and quietly cried from bitterness and resentment, and during the day he tried to find shelter from the scorching sun rays. Only there was nowhere to hide from the heat.

The baby was crying for help. However, people did not react to the baby. Everyone concluded that the owner knows better how to treat his pet.

It is unknown how this story would have ended if not for the participation of a girl named Gretta. She could not calmly look at how the animal was being mistreated. In addition to the fact that the animal suffered sitting on a chain, the dog had scabies. Of course, the owner was not going to pay for the treatment.

Greta arranged a meeting with the owners of Enli and persuaded them to give her the baby. Gretta provided the baby with treatment and necessary care.

Then the girl started looking for a house for the dog. She found the perfect family for Enli. Now the puppy lives in the house. Previously, he did not know that people can show love and care. Now Enli rejoices in every kind word he hears from his owners. The baby has made new friends. He made friends with the cats living in the neighborhood. Also, Enli has a new toy that he does not part with.

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