The child chose a big red cat in the shelter, soon this cat thanked the boy

Australian Sally, the mother of a little boy named Bob, decided to have a cat at home. She went to the shelter with her son to choose a pet. It is not clear why Bob was interested in this particular huge cat named Sandy. He immediately pointed it out to Mom. That’s how Sandy found owners, a home and a best friend, whom he even saved later.

Sally shared that there was some kind of invisible connection between the cat and the boy from the very first days. Sandy never treated anyone as affectionately as he treated Bob. They slept together, got up together in the morning, and, of course, played together. So the year flew by unnoticed, which turned out to be very happy and carefree for the child and the cat.

One day, as usual, Sally, after kissing her son and stroking the cat, went to sleep in her room. Suddenly, through a dream, the woman felt some kind of weight on her. And after that, someone began to bite her and even pull her hair with his teeth.

When Sally finally woke up completely, she saw a cat. At that moment, she was worried. After all, Sunday had never behaved like this before. And then it was clear that the pet was very excited about something. Moreover, it seemed to the woman that he was calling her somewhere.

The ginger cat took the owner to the boy’s room, and there she found her son unconscious. He was also shaking all over. Sally immediately called an ambulance. Fortunately, everything went well. The doctors were able to save the child, but they said that this was due to the fact that everything was done on time.

It turned out that Bob had been ill all this time. And since the disease was not noticed, it manifested itself in an attack that is life-threatening. Now the boy is being treated and everything should be fine.

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