The crowd laughs at the big guy who’s about to swing. Everything changes dramatically when the music starts

In the 1990s, John Lindo took part in the West Coast Swing Championships with his partner, Deborah Szekely. At first, not much was expected from the pair’s performance — mainly because of John’s very impressive weight.

Nevertheless, unexpectedly they won the championship, winning the title of Best Male and Female Dancer. And John Lindo was able to achieve fame because of it.

What a pleasure to look at his performances, which over the past twenty years have only gotten better. At the beginning of his career, John danced country music, but later decided to favour West Coast swing, a decision that eventually made him famous.

West Coast Swing is a pairs dance which requires complete cohesion of the performers’ movements. As the name suggests, this type of dance originated on the West Coast of the United States, becoming the successor of another popular style — lindy-hop. In our present form of West Coast Swing formed only in the 60s of last century.

Lindo has won a number of Swing Championships, both in the Strictly Swing category — where he can choose his own partner — and in Jack and Jill, where the partner is chosen at random.

John also has a number of memorable performances at such prestigious events as the Grand Nationals, U.S. Open and Phoenix Champion of Champions.

But those titles mean nothing to people who aren’t familiar with competitive dancing, which is why watching John is all you need to do to see just how incredible he is on the dance floor.

In the video below, he’s dancing with his partner Deborah Szekely.
The pair won first place in that competition thanks to their performance, and by the end of their routine, they had the entire room on their feet. It’s easy to see why, too. John can shake his hips and spin his partner faster and with more precision than we’ve ever seen.
Although his main passion was and still is dancing, John also works as a dance teacher in his native New Jersey, as well as judging dance competitions and helping other dancers prepare their routines. Lindo is known throughout the world, especially after his travels, where he has tried to spread the love of this type of dance to people all over the world.
Watch the video to see John’s fast footwork and nimble moves. Share this story to spread his wonderful talents!

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