The cute wolf you’ve never heard of

Do you know anything about the aardwolf? This is the sweetest creature! It belongs to the same family as hyenas (and this explains their external similarity). But, unlike scavenger hyenas, the aardwolf prefers to feed on termites. Moreover, he does not destroy termite mounds.He waits for the termites to come to the surface of the soil, and then licks them off with his wide sticky tongue. The aardwolf hunts at night, and sleeps in the empty burrows of other animals during the day.

This striped wonder is an aardwolf cub

Это полосатое чудо - детеныш земляного волка

But growing up they remain the same cute

Но и вырастая они остаются такими же симпатягами

How do you like this mohawk on his back?

Как вам этот ирокез на спине?

The main food of the aardwolf is termites

Основная пища земляного волка - термиты

One aardwolf can eat up to 300,000 termites per night!

За ночь один земляной волк может съесть до 300 000 термитов!

An adult aardwolf can grow to about the size of a fox

Взрослый земляной волк может вырасти примерно до размеров лисицы

These animals are monogamous and stay with one partner all their lives

Эти животные моногамны и остаются с одним партнером всю свою жизнь

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