The dog arranges game sessions for a kitten picked up from the street

Do you know how animals take care of each other, especially if they are of different species? They can protect from the enemy, warm, share food or something else. Mothers can even feed absolutely other cubs, raise them as if they were their own. But the dog named Asya has a completely different approach.

Asya is a very decent and well—mannered domestic dog, and Archie is a waif found on the street hiding under a garbage can. The kitten was in the house. But he was afraid of everything and hid in the basement all the time. Experts were also perplexed about this. A special approach is needed for such a case. But suddenly the dog Asya found a way out on her own!

Asya found a toy on a string and began to play with Archie. The kitten did not immediately start playing. Later, he became interested and started spending time with Asya.

So the dog got a job. She started socializing Archie. Now she plays with the kitten every day and they have fun. It helped a lot. Now Archie is not afraid and feels comfortable in his new home.

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