The dog barked and tried to lead the owner into the woods until he agreed. Five minutes later he was already calling for rescuers

This case, which occurred in Poland, is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent. The fact is that a little terrier named Diego became a real lifeguard who managed to come to the aid of a Labrador who was injured in the woods.

Diego’s owner, Jerzy, lives in the town of Karpacz and takes his pet for a daily walk along the forest. Usually the walk is not marked by any events, on the contrary, it is very ordinary and quiet. But not this time. One day during the walk, the terrier smelled something and started dragging his owner toward the woods. It took Jerzy a while to realize what was happening.

The dog continued with all its might, long and persistent, its attempts to drag its owner into the woods, and eventually the latter succumbed to the pet. Diego picked up the trail and headed straight into the thick of the forest. And so, after a while, the terrier stopped in front of an abandoned drainage basin. The man looked at the sinkhole for a long time, until finally he saw the barely visible emaciated body of the dog. The animal was alive, but completely exhausted. Jerzy immediately called a rescue team.

After a while, the dog was taken to the veterinary clinic. It turned out that he was a Labrador named Gucho, and his owners had not been able to find him for a month. As it turned out, Gucho was strolling through the woods and fell into a drainage basin, having stepped on a rickety lattice.

If it hadn’t been for Jerzy and Diego, the dog would have died within hours. He had spent the entire 32 days in the pit and was exhausted.

Fortunately, as the vets note, the Labrador is quickly rehabilitating and will be fully healthy very soon. The dog’s owners dream of sending Gucho for a walk with Diego after his recovery. Surely the rescuer and the rescued will find common ground.

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