The dog brought a cub from the woods to be fed with its puppies: the owners had no idea whose cub it was

A Laika named Laima and her owners live not far from a forest. Laima went for a walk in the thicket, such behavior is quite usual for a hunting dog, but this time from the bushes the animal brought a very unusual prey.

Laima appeared between the trees, carefully carrying the baby, which her owners mistook for a puppy from a distance. She very gently carried the baby home and put it with her puppies. People realized that their pet had decided to help the baby, who was without a mother.

The dog’s owners were interested in her new baby, but Laima wouldn’t let them see him that day. In the morning, while the dog was minding her own business, her owners got a closer look at the newcomer.

People immediately noticed that the baby’s body had strange proportions: a large head, small feet. It was decided to show the animal to a veterinarian.

The veterinarian was able to explain at a glance the unusual structure of the baby’s body. The baby was not a puppy at all, but a bear cub. The baby was too small to survive on its own, but the doctor explained that Laima would not be able to take care of it properly either.

The baby was sent to a center that specializes in helping wild animals. The center’s staff will take care of the baby until it becomes independent, after which it will be returned to the wild.

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