The dog couldn’t stop jumping for joy when his owner came home

When our loved ones return home after a long separation, the reunion can be very emotional and touching. And it’s not just with humans. Animals can get very excited when their beloved owner comes home.

When the golden retriever’s mom was on a training mission, Oshie really missed her. When the sweet dog saw her owner come home after long-awaited separation, her happiness was overwhelming.

She wouldn’t stop crying and jumping for joy, hugging and licking her owner. After watching this video, I think you will be overwhelmed with tons of emotions.

It seems that after this touching spectacle, every one of us would want to get that kind of love and affection from a four-legged friend.

It seems to me that animals are actually very sensitive and can love just as as well as humans. We should not underestimate or be indifferent to the feelings of these sweet creatures. This video made my day and I think it made yours too!

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