The dog decided to parody the owner in a cast, and scared him

Sometimes our beloved animals behave even more compassionately than humans. A dog named Bill from England, for example, sympathized with his owner with a broken leg, and decided to parody his gait. However, after that, the owner spent a lot of money on examining the pet, only then realizing his good intentions.

A dog named Bill lives happily in London with his owner Russell Jones. Recently, a man posted a video online with his pet, where he parodies the owner in a cast. The dog dramatically limps, walking next to Russell on the way home, and creates a very plaintive look.

Пес решил спародировать хозяина в гипсе, и перепугал его

Seeing the dog limping, the owner decided that something was wrong with his paw. He took him to the vets. The man spent about 300 pounds on an X-ray and a general examination of the dog. And eventually he found out that Bill was fine. He just decided to sympathize with the owner!

Пес решил спародировать хозяина в гипсе, и перепугал его

«I spent 300 pounds on vet bills and X-rays. It turned out to be nothing terrible, just compassion. I love him,» the man wrote under the video.

According to experts, such imitation is characteristic of many animals, and especially dogs. The tendency of dogs to copy us arose as a result of thousands of years of breeding and training. So don’t be surprised if your dog copies you in something too!

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