The dog did not want to leave the shelter without his beloved. But he had a better chance.

Getting a dog once, a person becomes a dog lover forever. These people can no longer imagine their life without four-legged friends. The American couple Bursters is one of them.

They were mourning the death of their nine-year-old dog. To brighten up their lives, the husband and wife decided to take a pet from the shelter.

Catherine found a charming pit bull boy on the website of an Animal Control and Care Organization. She loved him very much. The woman showed her husband the profile of the dog, and he agreed to take him home.

When the Bursters came to pick up the dog, their plans changed a little. They were told that the dog they had chosen did not want to leave his beloved and that the animals were very attached to each other.

The Bursters named the pit bulls Gus and Nina. The dogs quickly settled into their new home. They were energetic and joyful.Four years later, the Bursters can’t imagine life without Gus and Nina.

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