The dog fed and took care of the cat, thrown to the bottom of the ravine

Barking was heard at the bottom of a steep ravine . People who were walking in the park near the ravine called the animal rescue service. An employee of this service, Michelle, arrived at the scene of the events.

The girl turned out to be very brave. She went down on her own, to the bottom of a steep ravine. The girl made her way through the dense jungle for a long time, where the sound came from. As a result, she saw a heartwarming picture.


A tiny Shih Tzu dog was nursing a tiny cat. The fluffy lump fed on dog’s milk. Probably, the dog heard the meowing of the poor cat and hurried to his rescue. Some monster threw a kitten to the bottom of a ravine.

For several days, the dog nursed the cat. Then she realized that she could not do without human help and began to bark, signaling to others. She was lucky. Caring people heard her and hurried to help.


Michelle took the cat in her palm and the dog under her arm and went upstairs. Then she brought the foundlings to her animal welfare service. New residents immediately came up with nicknames – Goldie (dog) and Kitty (kitten).

Michelle posted ads with photos of animals to find owners for them. Soon there were kind people who took the crumbs. Michelle was overjoyed. She wrote a post on social networks that she loves her job even more when such stories happen.

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